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Please use the the links below to have a new password emailed to you. This will be your quickest way back in.

If you still have other questions please write to and inlcude your username.

Problems with Login

All of our membership sites use security scripts to prevent password sharing and hacking. All logins are tracked by our software and when abuse is detected the password for that user account is automatically changed. Sometimes hackers are able to get passwords for members and use those to login. When this happens you are able to use our password reset form to get a new password emailed to you. This can be inconvient if you are not sharing your password, but it is important for us to prevent abuse. Otherwise our hosting cost would go up and memberships would go down and your favorite site would be forced to close down. Also all of our sites limit members to a generous 20GB of downloads per day. Most members won't reach this limit, but if you do your account will be locked until the following day. If you need to recover your password please select the site that you are member of below:


Playing Videos

If you have trouble with the streaming you may not have a fast enough internet connection. You may need to download the video to play it smoothly. Windows Media player and Quicktime player should play any of our videos on any of our sites. If you don't have those or are still having trouble try using VLC Player which can be dowloaded for free at:

If you are using an ipad and not using the mobile version of the site then you may need to click on the "download" .mp4 version of the video and it should stream to your ipad. If you are viewing the mobile version of the site then the .mp4 streaming video will stream to your ipad.

Other Questions?

Simply send us an email: